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Oral Surgery

While anything with the word "surgery" in it is serious business, oral surgery tends to be much simpler and with far less complications than any other form of surgery. Here at Tulsi Dental Clinic, we're experts at all forms of oral surgery, including dental implants and the removal of wisdom teeth.


Do you have dentures? Do you need them? Dentures can improve your smile and your whole facial appearance, as well as making it much easier to eat and speak. Many people don't realize that dentures are the partial or complete artificial replacement of natural teeth and the surrounding tissue, not just the teeth. If you have or need dentures, you'll find guidance, expertise and considerate support at Tulsi Dental Clinic.


Fillings are one of the simplest ways for us to repair worn, damaged or decayed teeth. We use various restorative options depending on what's best for you, including metal, alloy, porcelain.

Root Canals

At Tulsi Dental Clinic, we know that there are few dental procedures as scary as root canal therapy. The root canal is actually the soft core, or dental pulp, of the tooth. When there is disease or injury to the tooth's soft core, we have to find out what's wrong and figure out the best way to treat it. Usually, this means we have to remove diseased or damaged pulp, clean the pulp chamber and root canal(s) of the tooth, and then seal it.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns serve many purposes, including strengthening and improving the appearance of discolored or badly shaped natural teeth, supporting a tooth with a large filling, aiding in attaching a bridge, protecting a weak tooth from breaking or restoring one that's already broken and covering a dental implant.


A bridge is a partial denture used to replace missing teeth. We literally bridge the gap between the missing teeth with artificial ones. We can make your bridge out of gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these. A removable bridge can be taken out any time. A fixed bridge can only be removed by a dentist.

Anti-Snoring Treatment

We can fabricate a dental appliance to treat most cases of sleep apnea. Prior to making an appointment, speak to our doctors to learn what you need to bring in for your consultation. Our treatment is a non-surgical way of correcting sleep apnea and has a higher compliance rate.

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